Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Loch Ard Exhibition Opening

Hi There

This Sudnay we open a new exhibition on Australia's most dramatic shipwreck - Loch Ard 1878. Our priceless Loch Ard Peacock - Australia's most valuable Shipwreck Artefact $4m, will have a range of new exhibition pieces added to the exhibition that really gets behind the real story of Loch Ard.

Make sure you drop into see Australia's most dramatic Shipwreck.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Life As A Lighthousekeeper - Lighthouselodge.com.au

Lighthouse Lodge - Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

Hi - I am Peter Abbott, Manager of Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, and operator of Lighthouse Lodge here in Warrnambool - Great Ocean Road.

Here you can take over my job for the night and be the lighthouse keeper for Lady Bay Warrnambool and stay on site at our renovated Lighthouse Lodge.


Being manager of this heritage area is a great honour and I hope with these little posts I can share with you some of the challenges and rewards for having the best office in Warrnambool.

Our lodge is built in the 1911 Harbourmasters house that was built to support the redevelopment of the busy Warrnambool trading port. It was a very run down house when we started but have now got the best quality lighthouse accommodation on the Great Ocean Road.

Our gardener is currently finishing off the garden.

Today was a beautiful day and we had some guests checking in. They must have loved the beautiful views over the Lady Bay, as well as the free local wine we supplied.

Our lighthouses (yes we have two!!!!) are still keeping the Warrnambool harbour safe and blink away every 5 seconds. Your only neighbours are the blinking lights.

Keep track of our adventures as we continue to operate this amazing part of the Great Ocean Road. Maybe ask me some questions and I will post your answers.